Coaches Courtesy Huddle: Free 20 minute discussion on whatever is on your mind?  e.g. staffing infrustructure, performance reveiews, technology sale, leadership or a simple objective ear.  No obligation, just a resource for you.  

Virtual Coaching/Mentoring Huddle: Should we collective decide to proceed on a virtual call, you name your price for the first month!  

Monthly Coaching Retainer: Products & Programs (see below). Performance deliverables, timeline, and fees collectively & collaboratively determined.

Free Agent Option: Emergency, Senior Leadership Interim Role. From C-Suite to a VP role, you make the call. 

Full Management + Marketing Agency Services: Fitness center management, design & procurement, staffing & operations, sales & marketing from Active Wellness. Learn more here. 

Get in the Game: Club Coach Services is proud to be the exclusive Health/Fitness industry partner for 1Huddle! 1Huddle is a workforce tech company that levels up employees using science-backed quick-burst games to improve training knowledge retention. By signing up, you’ll have access to 1Huddle with a library of games on Service, Sales, Leadership, Inspiration, Onboarding plus Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and so much more! 

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Products & Programs

  • Planned, Organized & Facilitated Club Retreats
  • Effective Virtual Staff Meetings
  • Sales System Implementation & Training
  • Effective Metrics Reporting & Payroll Budgeting 
  • Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategies and Budgeting
  • Custom Course Creation
  • Culture Assessment, Coaching & Employee Engagement
  • Training & Development Cirriculum for a “Club Institute”
  • Staff Service Training
  • Science Backed Mobile Training Games for Sales & Service
  • HR On-Boarding and Situational Management Training

  • Personalized Webinars
  • Virtual Department Manager Roundtables
  • Mystery Shop & S.W.O.T. AnalysisWeb Design and SEO Strategies
  • Chatbot & Voice AI
  • Coaches Challenge
  • Team Building Exercises 


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Frank J. Ancharski, M.S.