Coaches Courtesy: Free 30 Minute Huddle To Address One Challenge For New Fans Only.

Huddles: $150/hour; $125/hour with a 3 month/2 huddle per month commitment.

Weekly 1 Hour Huddles: $500/month, plus unlimited 10 minute audibles during the month. $300/month with a 6 month commitment including audibles.

Mystery Blitz Package: $850/day to shop club and up to 3 competitors, including written scouting report and team debrief.

Full Court Press Package: $5,000 per month for any play calling needed with listed services below including one full week site visit, weekly 1 hour huddles, 10 minute audibles and training manual.

Free Agent Fees: $10,000/month Emergency Vice-President, General Manager, Executive Director, Senior Leadership Role. Schedule: TBD.

Note: All rates are exclusive of any travel costs which are paid directly by the Team.

Sample Services List

  • Team Retreats
  • Staff Meetings
  • Sales System Implementation &Training
  • Budgeting
  • Mystery/Secret Shop Services
  • Personal Training Implementation
  • Teammate Coaching/Player Development
  • Staff Training
  • Team Building
  • Webinars
  • Cyber Roundtables
  • Game Plans for Competitors (New/Old)
  • Coaches Challenge

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