Happy Father’s Day to those who are Fathers, whose fathers are with us, and fathers who are in our memory.

Some may even find direct inspiration from those fathers.   For me, it is was my dad, Franklin Delano Ancharski. My father, Frank, better known as “Buddy” was the youngest of 19 children!  Yes, it’s true and I have 53 first cousins on his side!  Ironically, my mother, Barbara, now in heaven was an only child.  A depression-era baby, he was a newspaperman and was with the Citizen’s Voice in Wilke-Barre, PA, the first successful “strike” newspaper created in the late 1970s – early 1980s.  Times were lean as a high school kid with two younger brothers, Jamie and Randy, yet we always found a way through without feeling like we missed much at all.  Similar to his namesake, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, he persevered for his whole family, sacrificing so much for us.  Thank you, Dad!  I Love you.

Interesting Facts about FDR:

  1. He started Social Security, FDIC, FLSA
  2. Was the Governor of NY state & Assistant Secretary of the Navy
  3. Theodore Roosevelt was a distant cousin, yet influential in his political career
  4. FDR became the 32nd President and won 4 Presidential elections and remained in office from 1933 until his death in 1945.
  5. The Day in infamy speech addressing Congress carried many through the toughest times during WWII.  He did not see the war’s end on 9/2/45.
  6. Tough himself through and through, he contracted Polio when he was just 30. Some today believe he may have been misdiagnosed instead of having Guillain-Barre Syndrom

This week’s Inspirational Insight comes directly from my father’s namesake when he said

We have always held to the hope, the belief, the conviction that there is a better life, a better world, beyond the horizon.