Big Time Shout Out to Kevin McHugh for completing his own Quest for Augie & ALS!  Kevin’s 393 miles = 15 Marathons……and at 6 hours per mile (90 total hours) leaving our meeting at 1 PM this past Tuesday, he would have finished Saturday @ 7AM!  His running equaled 7.86 Ultra Marathon’s!  And, if he left his house in Shark River Hills, NJ, he would have finished in Quebec, Canada or Topsham ME or Pittsburgh, PA!!! …..YOU! Young man are an INSPIRATION!  Well done my brother!  Congratulations!

And as paraphrased in the book Augie’s Quest: One Man’s Journey from Success to Significance in the forward by Mitch Albom (Tuesday’s with Morrie), I share with you this week’s Closing Comment:

“Augie’s Quest …appeals to the noblest part of humanity,… the bright shining part of us, …the part that wants to help others even as we need help ourselves and ….he shares the transformation of a heart that beats for itself … a heart that beats for the world.” 

Thank you Kevin for being our heart that beat along with yours and your Quest, 393 miles, for Augie & ALS!