Grief & Joy,

Two words that certainly depict what happened on Sunday at The Masters for both X. Schauffele and H. Matsuyama respectively and words that likely resonate with us.  Grief, over what we have lost this past year and joy for our Tuesday meetings with increasing encouraging news in the industry for the start of our EPIC COMEBACK!

This week’s quote is courtesy of Ingrid Fetell Lee, author of the book Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness.

“We feel like we must have to do something to deserve joy, but in fact, that relationship is flipped.  When we allow ourselves moments of joy, we become more successful & resilient”

From a business perspective, studies show we’re more productive in a state of joy; managers with joyful teams complete tasks with less effort, and more win-win agreements are reached in negotiations with a joyful mindset.

To find that joy or a joyful mindset can be much easier said than done.  Consider then the “7 Ways to Experience More Joy” by two meditation practitioners James Baraz and Shoshana Alexander.

  1. Imagine Happiness
  2. Memorize Happiness in your body
  3. Reframe your fate positively
  4. Strategically diffuse worry
  5. Experience the Bliss of blamelessness
  6. Let go of feeling busy
  7. Seek the good in others

Here’s to wishing you and yours, an abundance of Joy in work and at home!