Are we primed for a Rebound and Rebuild?

In 2003 this program was near disintegration, just 18 years ago.  The leader was not the organization’s first choice.  At 32 years old at the time, the organization was his first choice.  And he had a vision all those years ago and most likely the only person on earth who believed in his vision.  This organization was marred in a scandal of murder by a team mate of a team mate, and a cover up about it before this leader arrived.  They also had only 6 scholarships with sanctions against playing in any conference games.  Within 2 years, this organization made it to the tournament, now only 9 years since reappearing in the NCAA tournament, Scott Drew’s vision for the Baylor Bears became a reality.  See how his vision concluded this year in “One Shining Moment”. 

Here’s wishing that all of you can get your “Major Onions With A Kiss”, as Bill Raftery said in the video this year… and your Club Company will again have Shining Moments! ….and YES …we are ready for our Rebound and Rebuild!

Enjoy the lyrics for this legendary theme song of champions like ourselves.