While some have the self-discipline to hold themselves accountable, it does not occur as frequently as managers wish for it to occur.  Visit with me this month to better understand the nuances of approaching accountability with your team and direct reports.  Listen in while I discuss:

  1. The merits of a velvet glove versus an iron fist approach and which yields the best results?
  2. Traits that contribute to accountability.
  3. Understanding the importance of accepting personal responsibility in any failure and share credit in victories.
  4. True satisfaction for the team member and supervisor.
  5. Sharing business and personal experiences around accountability to improve results.
  6. Overcoming getting stuck in the weeds and not confusing activity for results.

And lastly, we discuss how the individual and team both benefit from being held accountable.  Hint; they really want us to hold them accountable.  Click Video Link Below: