Dear Friends in Fitness,

Over the past few months beginning with our 1st of 4 installments on MLK Day in January, we conducted A Starter Conversation Panel Discussion and we have heard a second one called White Voices Speak last month. (all sessions are available within the D.E.I. post on this blog). 

We have been open, transparent, and genuine in our conversations that are gaining momentum in our beloved industry.  This month, we intend to convert that momentum into strategies attendees can use. The time has come to formulate decisive action with practical application in the fitness industry, a master class. 

In case you missed our session on Monday, March 15th at 2 pm EST, the below YouTube link is provided.  Note there are handouts available as well to assist you.  The following is a summary of our session.  Hear from industry professionals and experts who have taken such action.  Learn from their learnings and perhaps their “missed opportunities” too.  This session is intended to provide the audience with a template, a master class outline, if you will, to use within organizations in the Fitness Industry.  There will be reading materials provide post our session as a jump-off point, converting talk into action within your organization.  Let us move more towards unity, no matter how new, no matter how uncomfortable, or matter how awkward, isn’t it about time….and time to benefit from such unity.  View The Master Class Below:

Taking Decisive Action: A DEI master class for the fitness industry (