Most folks are about……as happy as they make up their minds to be!”  – Abraham Lincoln

This is so much easier said than done, so to help us understand the “how-to” do it, I share with you words from Sharon Schierling at Refining Your Perspective on Opportunity.

Make Up Your Mind – Be Happy!

  1. Remove negative input from your life.  Happy people just avoid negative news reports, blogs, and other media altogether, likely social media too, choosing instead to read and dwell on much more positive literature and media …..and Closing Comments with Club Leaders.
  2. Set Goals.  Other than for obvious reasons, to concentrate on what we can control rather than letting life “just happen”.
  3. Become “others-centered”.  More time helping and service to others is a portion of the formula for happiness.  It gives us less time to look inwardly and dwell on the negative around us.
  4. Be generous with others.  We all have time and ears if not $ to give someone in need.  Even expectations can be generous, especially around COVID in our businesses.  People need a “hall pass” for listening right now more than ever.
  5. Work Hard.  This is not just for the employer in the spirit of productivity, sometimes the satisfaction of a job well done helps us….. by giving to ourselves.
  6. Find hope in your faith.  Few can argue there is a higher power at work here during these times.  Whoever “she”, it or he may be, lean on that faith, it is worth it and yields blessings.

Finally, every minute is not designed to happy, but rather the events in our lives must be underscored by happiness once we Make Up Our Mind to – Be Happy!