Join my Co-Host Rodney J. Morris and I along with a passionate group of fitness professionals who are industry difference-makers; Katherine Quinn, Joella Hopkins, Lindsay Vastola, and Bill McBride in this month’s installment of D.E.I. in the Fitness Industry.

It’s no secret that race is an issue in America right now. No matter where you go or who you speak to, we are more conscious of (and divided by) issues of race, equity, inclusion, and social justice than we have been in decades. The fitness industry is no exception to this. And like other industries, we do not always know how to talk about how race impacts us as individuals, as leaders, and as businesses. In fact, the events of the past summer have rendered many afraid, ashamed, or flat-out exhausted when it comes to openly discuss the topic. That’s why today’s conversation is not only “controversial” but critically essential to enabling our ability to move forward as a people and as an industry.

Today’s conversation is about facilitating REAL dialogue and generating REAL understanding about the complexity of race and how it impacts ALL perspectives. “White Voice Speak” is an exploration of how diversity looks from “the other side” and how non-POC can authentically and individually engage in the fight to eliminate racism and bias within our industry. It is both a validation of the anxiety that many non-POC experience when attempting to navigate through issues involving race AND testimony to replace racial indifference with communication, collaboration, and commitment.  VIDEO LINK BELOW: