First, as your Player Coach, we will, with you and your team, relentlessly push you beyond your current comfort zone to improve operations, sales and service & give your team our copyright “L.I.P.” (Leadership, Inspiration, People Management) service.

Second, our style of velvet glove, iron fist will not permit any lattitude on agreed upon directives without an audible/do over in a collaborative “Huddle”. Of course, audible may be called by you at any point in our game plan. Coaching will be done so in a soft and firm way that creates permanent change with the team while accomplishing extraordinary results.

Third, the reason we all need a coach is so few people have the discipline & objectivity to hold themselves accountable. In our business, we can tend to be too close to our teams, too involved with the members and too blinded by our commitment. We can give you a confidential, objective “been there ear”. How many players on a basketball team would practice foul shots, run conditioning suicides or practice the full court press if a Coach was not present? EXACTLY, none!

With vast backgrounds that includes results within a publicly traded company, successful franchise organizations, major community hospitals & mom and pop clubs to domestic and international training clients, you have nothing to lose with our “Coaches Challenge Guarantee”. This states that any and all portion of any fees can be replayed or re-done. Meaning, portions of training, time and services are all subject to a do over if you are not satisfied with our performance.

CCS’s successful track record is predicated on a Scripted, Written Game Plan of date sensitive Objectives & Promises, our Honest, Transparent Feedback and Measurable Deliverables.

How long will it take? Of course, much depends upon what is the game plan, objectives and promises that are agreed upon. Ultimately, our job is to work ourselves out of job by making your TEAM more self-sufficient, more accountable and improve performance without our presence. We take a long-term view for our clients with a short duration time frame. It could take a year or longer to be the very best your TEAM can be.

What other success have you had with clients?
In one case, attrition was reduced by 2.5% on an annualized basis, in another case, one client was able to sell their club to mitigate further loses and repay old loans and still another utilized our services for 3 consecutive years for a statewide meeting of Executives and Managers.